Findlay Toyota Lied

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When I purchased my 2013 Toyota Tacoma 10 months ago I was told that tires replacement are free if you do your regular preventive maintenance at there facility. Today I took my truck at Findlay Toyota for 10 months service and tires severe bubbles on the out side wall all (4) four tires.Findlay Shop Foreman stated that indentation in the tires side wall was an inherent characteristic due to the way the tires was stored prior to installation and in no way effect the integrity of the tires.

He was lying, how in the *** he knows how Toyota manufacturing stored their tires. I made sure that they documented what they said and I got a hard copy because I want to make sure that someone will pay dearly if something goes wrong.

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Findlay Toyota - Toyota not honoring warranty AGAIN

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Beware Findlay Toyota in Las Vegas attempting to make up for poor auto sales by not honoring extended warranties!! I have NEVER had a positive experience with this dealership.

The most recent - a Toyota Avalon with 36,000 miles blowing black smoke. They have had it for 8 days, are avoiding phone calls, other than one to say we had to provide them with all oil change receipts, and another to let us know that Toyota corporate HQ had not yet given them permission to open it up...

suggested we came and get it and bring it back on the one day a month a field rep is there. What gall!

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SNAFU Advantage Toyota, Barboursville/Huntington, WV. Same old story....bring us this, bring us that, and after 4 months of run-around IN-WARRANTY coverage denied.

Vehicle (2005 Rav-4) was ALWAYS serviced properly and had perfect records...this is just ONE MORE TOYOTA ENGINE OIL SLUDGE event.

Mammoth company using their power to screw consumers out of paid for protections.

Spoke w/Toyota North America and their response was essentially RIGHT, WRONG, or DISHONEST they would have to back the local ... ( ***, lying, thieving crook who does business under their banner) dealer.

Dealer tried to extort me for $7500 for IN-WARRANTY repairs. Obviously SEARCH INTERNET for TOYOTA ENGINE OIL SLUDGE over 3-Million Toyota owner have suffered from Toyota DISHONESTY while Toyota has profited handsomely both in selling their warranties and by selling parts and repairs for in-house repairs arising from their dishonest acts.



Findlay Toyota Lies to get a sale

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I recently purchased a Used 2005 Toyota Matrix from Findlay Toyota, and I am horribly appalled by the outright lies and misinformation I was given by the salesman. I feel I was bullied into purchasing a car I was not 100% sure I wanted and I was told every lie imaginable to get me to walk back into the dealership to make this purchase after I had originally said no.

I stated what payment terms I was comfortable with and after many rounds back and forth we could not come to an agreement so I left the dealership.

Some of my main concerns were not overextending myself with payments I was not comfortable with and making sure I was driving off the lot with a vehicle that had a warranty.

The Salesman would not take no for an answer. He used ploys of lower cost of insurance (which is not true. My insurance is now more expensive since I traded in my Jeep), and extending my payments beyond my comfort zone of 60 months, so that I could afford this vehicle. He continually wanted me to overextend myself into a loan I was not comfortable with. I tried to explain to your salesman that the basis of good credit is being able to make payments and loan terms that do not overburden an individual. He would hear none of this and continued his barrage of reasons why I should purchase this vehicle.

Finally after I had put my foot down on the price, the salesman began using a new tactic. He knew the warranty had been an issue causing the payments to rise above what I was comfortable with and he knew that I would not purchase a used vehicle without a warranty. When I asked him originally about the remainder of the factory warranty, he assured me that the vehicle I was considering purchasing was still covered by at least a year of its original 36000 mile warranty.

The 3 year or 36000 mile term was blurred into just a 36000 mile warranty and he used the fact that the vehicle had only 26000 miles on it as his measuring stick. He told me I would still have 1 year or 10000 miles before the factorywarranty expired. He told me of the reliability of Toyotas and if I really felt I needed an extended warranty, I could wait out the end of that warranty and purchase a Toyota extended warranty in a year when the 36000 mile warranty expired.

His last assurance and a deliberate lie about the warranty was the only reason I came back to the dealership. I did not want to overextend myself into a loan and if the salesman was correct I would be able to purchase a Toyota extended warranty down the road when my original expired, leaving me with the ability to purchase the vehicle that night with the payment terms I was comfortable with.

I was to find out this was all a lie after 2 hours of waiting at the dealership.

I asked the salesman what paperwork I would need to bring to the dealership to begin the finance process. He told me I wouldnt need to bring anything (this is an obvious lie as no one can ever get financing without proof of employment, bank statements, etc..). Another example of bold face lying and misinformation from the salesman.

As stated, I was made to wait at least 2 hours after arriving at the dealership before I was even seen by the finance department. I was introduced to the finance manager and he was the one to deliver the bad news about the warranty. Not only was the car out of its original factory 3yr/36000 mile warranty, but the Toyota extended warranty that the salesman assured me could be purchased anytime, was not a Toyota warranty at all. If I did not purchase a warranty that night, the car would be driven off the lot with no warranty. I did have the option of an aftermarket warranty, but tge finance manager assured me that it would be a waste as it does not cover the same items that Toyota warranty would cover and I would be paying more out of pocket.

It was unclear if I was now being swindled by the finance manager too, but the fact was this car was not warranted as promised by the salesman.

After all the paperwork was signed I was taken to the vehicle and sent home to await financing approval. The vehicle wasnt even filled with gas and the antenna wasnt on or in the vehicle at all. the salesman gave me a courtesy call a day later and when I informed him of this he told me the antenna must have been stolen and I could purchase another one from Findlay Toyota if I needed it.

I cant believe after all the lies and trickery, I am expected to purchase a part that should have been on the car the moment I drove it away. I wasnt even given a full tank of gas to go home in.

I am so unbelievably disappointed with my overall experience with Findlay Toyota. I feel I was bullied into purchasing this car and, the salesman used lies and trickery to get me to come back in after I had originally decided it was a bad Idea.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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If it was a car you didnt really want then why didnt you just say no and walk out. If you ever purchase another car avoid a pushy salesman by requesting another salesman or the owner if they say no to another sales person just walk away. its that easy!

Taourirt, Oriental, Morocco #26286

On one hand, I can't help but wonder why you stayed there when the sales staff were so untrustworthy and pushy. On the other hand, I was there today with my wife and agree that the staff is unreasonably aggressive with their hard sell. We walked out and will never go back.

Cherokee Village, Arkansas, United States #20918

Was the salesman holding a gun to your head? You thought that was the only place to buy a used Toyota?

You set yourself up to be exploited by - wait for it - a used car salesman - and now you are angry about it?

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